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Features - Hot cars and hot women featured by SLM
This section is updated on a regular basis. Inside you will find hundreds of high quality photos featuring top cars and SLM models from the many past issues of SLM. Each gallery shown below contains 20 - 100 photos.
• Issue 28 Feature Article -
• Car: • Club: •

Issue 28
Text Maribel Arteaga
Photos: Gilbert Chavez
Owner Leo L. Lopez
Car Club: Oldies C.C.
Model Christina J. Perez

1947 Chevy Fleetmaster

Leo L. Lopez and wife, Linda, have belonged to Oldies Car Club in Orange County for nine years already and now hold the position of president of the car club. They are also the swollen with pride owners of the 1947 Chevy Fleetmaster. This burgundy beauty, painted by Joe of Stanton, is known to many as “Leo’s Topless” and runs on a 235 motor. It has had several modifications done such as, new air bags, rims, and interior paint. This Fleetmaster, has had its grill, bumpers, and wrap around all plated by El Monte Plating.
Cruising the streets of Westminster was no problem. Leo bough his “Topless” a couple of L.A. wire wheels from George in L.A. Pairmont. As it jumped from side to side on air bag hydraulics done by Ponch in Anaheim, the Lopez family listened to their old school tracks on their CD player, and relaxed in their customized upholstery done at A.J.’s Garden Grove by Art and Jessie. Leo first purchased his lowrider from Richard Vargas for only $8,000, but since then has added over $5,000. When asked what made him want to fix up his car, he responded, “I always wanted a ragtop.”
Well, there we have it. Another Lowrider captivating the streets of California and another man’s dream come true.